About Us

Previously known as the Torana Street Machine Club of Victoria, we have undergone a name and logo change, as part of a professional face-lift to boost the image of our club. Our basic goal is to continue to grow our member base and build the club into a strong enthusiast organisation that will encompass all models of the Holden Torana. Currently the club has over 70 members statewide and memberships continue to grow.

Our club is here for anyone who has an interest in Toranas of any kind. Our members are a mix of people who have daily drives, show cars, drag cars, original, modified etc., and of course even if you don’t have a Torrie but just love them, welcome aboard!

So join our club to meet other like-minded Torrie lovers. You’ll get regular newsletters, invitations to lots of events throughout the year – including our signature events like the Maroondah Dam run and our annual pilgrimage to the Noojee Tool Shed! Other events the club is regularly involved with are Toranafest, Easternats, Summernats, Springcar Nationals, Hanging Rock, All Holden Day, Sandown Historics, Drag Racing, weekends away and more!

And if you’re restoring or just need some bits or information, the club also offers opportunities where members can buy or sell Torana parts, and share knowledge and experience.

Your membership can include Classic Historic Plates for vehicles that meet all the requirements and AOMC affiliations. This means that as a club, we can offer members a lot more variety in events as well as interaction and attendance with other clubs and their events – with the backup of liability insurance and club registration plates.

Everyone is welcome! Come along to one of our monthly meetings, which are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except December) at the Maroondah Sports Club. Meetings start at 8pm and there is great bistro, so come early for dinner.